QUINZHEE CANDLE is a handmade candle brand.

QUINZHEE stands for ‘snow house’ - the brand name is based from the experience in Canada of creating a QUINZHEE over three days then spending the entire day inside with candle light. The brand was officially set up in Japan in 2009, where I started designing and creating customized candles.
Further to this, the activity gradually extended to organizing workshops and exhibitions to showcase our unique works, which are often fusions of traditional Japanese colours and ideas inspired by North European textile designs.We see every candle to be original and different from one another - there is identity and character for each that evokes for contemplation and joyful experience.
Through this we hope our works become vehicles that connect people with warmth and peaceful minds. 
2014 saw QUINZHEE CANDLE moving to Berlin after had an experience in London for 2 years, a city buzzing with energy and great diversity, which I am sure will bring new encounters and inspirations for future works.

2013 Sunday Upmarket @ Truman Brewery | London, UK
SE1 Open Studios | London,UK
2012 Pop-Up shop | London, UK
Christmas Market | London, UK
Group fair Zawawa | Wajima, Japan
Group exhibition tumo | Ibaraki, Japan
Solo exhibition “QUINZHEE CANDLE COLLECTION 2009-2012” | Osaka, Japan
Solo exhibition “Initial Q. C. ~A to Z of candle~” | Osaka, Japan
Group fair öppna open! | Tokyo, Japan
2011 Group exhibition chritumo | Tokyo, Japan
Christmas crafts and arts festival | Osaka, Japan
Group exhibition Arts in the forest | Hyogo, Japan
Summer crafts and arts festival | Osaka, Japan
tapie style fair vol.8 | Osaka, Japan
Winter crafts and arts festival | Osaka, Japan
2010 Christmas crafts and arts festival | Osaka, Japan
tapie style fair vol.7 | Hyogo, Japan
Group exhibition “QUINZHEE CANDLE x Fake Sweets Deco” |
Osaka, Japan
tapie style fair vol.6 | Hyogo, Japan
tapie style fair vol.5 | Hyogo, Japan
RBT show | Osaka, Japan
tapie style fair vol.4 | Osaka, Japan
tapie style fair vol.3 | Hyogo, Japan
Solo exhibition “CACAO50% + CANDLE50%” | Osaka, Japan
2009 RBT show | Osaka, Japan
Solo exhibition “Candle no oishii katachi” | Nara, Japan